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AEM as Cloud Service Architecture

Adobe have come up with an innovative cloud-native solution for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to solve various challenges involved in scalability, maintenance, content delivery, assets handling & release of new features. AEM as Cloud Service is, ·        Always On  - Service architecture has been revised so that there is no downtime for neither content management nor the content delivery capabilities. ·        Always at Scale  - Service architecture will automatically scale up and down depending on needs. ·        Always Current  - It implements a continuous delivery pipeline for the AEM codebase, with automated updates several times a month keeps the AEM application up-to date with recent versions. ·        Always Evolving  - Based on the projects implemented content, code & configurations are constantly reviewed against best practices allowing clients to achieve business goals.   In AEM On-Premises solution the biggest challenge is to setup production environme

AEM as Cloud Service Assets Service

In AEM as Cloud Service, Asset Ingestion & Processing has been changed. It offers “AEM Cloud Assets Service” a program powered by “Asset Microservices” which provides a scalable & resilient processing of assets using cloud service & handling of Dynamic Media . It’s a well thought architecture which resolves load & performance related issues which are normally observed on Author & Publish Instances during asset ingestion & processing. AEM as Cloud Service no longer supports famously known “DAM Update Asset Workflow” .   Benefits The key benefits of asset microservices are 1.      Scalable architecture for seamless processing of resource-intensive operations. 2.      Efficient indexing & text extractions that does not impact AEM environments. 3.      Minimize the need for workflows to handle asset processing in AEM environments. This frees up the resources, minimize the load on AEM & provides scalability. 4.      Improved resilience of asse

AEM as Cloud Service Cloud Manager API, IO Events, CLI Tools

AEM as Cloud Service provides Cloud Manager API which allows access Cloud Manager related activities, Adobe IO Events which can be used to handle event-driven scenarios & CLI tools. All these tools are very useful for automation process.   Adobe IO Events In AEM as Cloud Service terms, Adobe IO Events enables building reactive, event-driven applications, based on events originating from Adobe Experience Manager. Events are triggered by Event Provider . To start listening to events, register application, specify Event Types from which Event Providers it want to receive. Whenever a matching event is triggered, application is notified. Adobe IO Events can be integrated using 1.      Adobe IO Events API 2.      Adobe IO Events CLI 3.      Adobe IO Events SDK This documentation has instructions to set up IO Events Integrations with AEM as Cloud Service . To learn more about Adobe IO Events, go through links provided in References section.   Cloud Manager API This